Budgeting: Food Edition

Everyone loves food. People used to limit their eating out due to the health concerns of fast food and restaurants. With so many healthy options popping up, that worry has been eliminated. Want to get a trendy yet healthy breakfast? There is probably at least one or two restaurants within a 10 mile radius from you. Now that health concerns have been set on the back burner because healthy options are offered, people will find themselves spending way too much money eating out.

There are ways to fix this. You just have to be mindful of where your money is going. Do these 3 things to save money on food.

1. Budget

Make yourself a monthly budget for eating out. Allow yourself one time a week or one every two weeks to eat out, depending on what your financial health looks like. This can be difficult, but the more you pay attention to how much money is spent on the instant satisfaction of eating out, you will be more motivated to limit your spending.

2. Cook for your friends

The most common social gathering activity is to go out to eat. It’s easy and everyone has some type of restaurant near them. Next time your friends want to have dinner with you, suggest all pitching in and cooking at someones house. Not only will you save money, but you will also get some quality time with no interruptions.

3. Set goals

It’s easy to look at how much money you’re spending and make yourself a budget, but it’s also easy to justify going a little over your budget and dipping in to your savings, if it means you get to try a cool new trendy restaurant. Set health and mental goals for yourself. Along with your budget, maybe set a goal of only eating out once a week, even if it leaves you with leftover eating out money. Having goals is important for change.

About Kylee Osborne

Kylee Osborne is a Technical Marketing Intern at Rateology and often authors blogs about financial topics regarding the industry. She is studying Business Finance at Texas A&M University and hopes to continue her education in Law School. She is based in San Antonio, Texas.

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