Buying a Tesla in Texas

Although the process of buying a Tesla is different compared to buying a car from a dealership, the process is much easier than it may seem. Tesla doesn’t have dealerships in the conventional sense. Rather, they have showrooms across the country where you can personally design and purchase the car in store. However, Texas is one of the few states that has laws to protect the dealership system. This prohibits Tesla from selling cars in their showroom. Even with these laws, it is still possible to purchase a Tesla in Texas.

Go to a Showroom

Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio all have at least one Tesla showroom somewhere within the city. Now, you can’t actually buy a Tesla at these showrooms, and no prices can be discussed. So, before going to the showroom, make sure and research online what model of the car you are looking for. At the showroom, you can sit in a few different models of Teslas and get a feel for what exactly what you will be purchasing. They also have the different interior options for you to look at in person.

Order the Car Online

After going into the showroom to see what options you want on your car, go online and purchase the car. They have a custom design feature where you pick the model and each feature you want to have on your car. Once you pick your options, you enter your payment information, just like ordering anything else off of the internet. They also have options to enter auto loan information if you choose to purchase the car rather than lease it.

Pick Up the Car at the Nearest Service Center

Once the buying process is complete, the car will be shipped from California to the nearest service center. There are many service centers around the major cities, so the pick up process is easy.

This process is very different from purchasing a car from a dealership, but the process is worth it to drive away in a Tesla!

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