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The minimum monthly payment on your credit card is often designed so that customers struggle to pay off their debt in its entirety. Most customers don’t realize that by consolidating their debt with a personal loan they can save hundreds of dollars! See what the true cost of the minimum payment is with Rateology’s Minimum Payment Calculator.

Enter your Debt Amount, the Minimum Monthly Payment (this can either be what your company requires or what you wish to pay), and the interest rate on your credit card. Include your desired term (number of months you wish to pay off your debt in) and your area to see the benefits of consolidating your debt into a personal loan.

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Recommended Loans in Your Area

These recommendations are made based on your area, desired term, and desired loan amount. Payment estimates are based on the lowest APR available for your selected term.

Monthly Payment too high? Try adjusting your desired term to be longer.

The results expressed in this calculator are estimates and based on the responses entered by the user. The results are intended to serve as a guide that may aid a user in making a financial decision and do not represent an actual payment determined by a service provider.