Ski Equipment: Rent or Buy?

Whether you’re a beginner skier or have been skiing for years, it’s crucial that you’re educated on the equipment and how to save money. Many people expect renting ski equipment to be a large expense and buying to be an even larger expense.

Renting is expensive

The average price of renting ski equipment per day is around $40, give or take. When you take a ski trip, you usually ski more than one day. Some people ski up to a whole week, 7 days. When renting equipment, that expense can add up quickly. Even if you’re skiing for 3 days, that is roughly $120 spent just on equipment. If you’re planning to go multiple times a year or even once every single year, throwing away $120 every time is just not worth it. You may want to look into investing in your own ski equipment.

Buying could work for you

When looking to buy your own ski equipment, weigh out your options. You can buy brand new or for your first set of skis, you may want to look into used equipment. There is no shame in using used skis until you can save up the money to buy your own brand new pair. Most people over estimate the cost of ski equipment. If you’re looking to buy used, you can sometimes find skis for as low as $100 and the other equipment fairly cheap. Even when looking to buy new, you can save money in the long run.

Many people are uneducated when it comes to the costs that accumulate when taking a ski trip and how to save money in the process. One way to eliminate unnecessary costs in the long run is to invest in your own equipment.

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