Staying in Texas over the break? Don't worry! Not every vacation requires months of planing and saving! There are many great options for travel within state lines. Dallas Dallas has many great options for any budget. You could spend the day seeking thrills at the famous Six Flags Over Texas, or, if the weather is [...]
Whether you're a beginner skier or have been skiing for years, it's crucial that you're educated on the equipment and how to save money. Many people expect renting ski equipment to be a large expense and buying to be an even larger expense. Renting is expensive The average price of renting ski equipment per day [...]
Finding housing can be a difficult process. In Texas, there has been a massive population increase, so finding affordable housing can be a difficult process. As a general rule, housing should be around 25-30% of your annual income after taxes. In an economy that this ruled by large cities, finding housing in this range may be [...]