The Best Spring Break Ski Destinations

One of the most iconic spring break activities is, of course, skiing. Skiing has become a very popular for spring break. With that being said, more and more ski resorts have been popping up, and it seems as though the places to ski are endless. Everyone is looking for a different experience when they take a ski trip. Some people are more focused on the town atmosphere and some more on the quality of the slopes. Here are 5 of the best ski destinations in the United States and what they are best known for.

1. Breckenridge, CO

Breckenridge is not only known for their highly developed ski courses, but also for their adorable downtown. Breckenridge has the perfect combination of great skiing and a fun town atmosphere. This popular ski destination is perfect for a family trip or friends trip. Breckenridge is not known to be the cheapest but you can definitely find deals if you book in advance.

2. Park City, UT

Park city is famous for their slopes and courses. If you’re looking for some challenging slopes and decadent courses filled with ramps and jumps, Park City is the place for you. Park City is a perfect ski destination for those looking to take a trip with their friends. Park City offers great skiing and intimate night life.

3. Aspen, CO

Aspen is famous for hosting the Winter X Games. Aspen holds all of the advanced courses for competitors, but they are also are open to the public as well. Massive jumps, great snow, and iconic slopes are all in store for you in Aspen, CO. Aspen is the perfect place for advanced skiers and friend trips.

4. Red River, NM

New Mexico has some hidden gems as well as the more popular skiing spots. Red River is a small town in northern New Mexico and is best known for their incredible ski slopes and small town vibes. With only a few restaurants and hotels, Red River is perfect for someone looking to get away and retain some privacy. Red River falls on the cheaper side of the ski trip spectrum.

5. Vail, CO

Vail is a perfect combination of town and skiing. The slopes are fantastic and the town atmosphere is one of the best you can get. Vail is home to many shops, restaurants, and outdoor activities like snowmobiling and hiking. Vail is an ideal family ski destination with plenty of variety.

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