The Hidden Gems Of Austin, TX

Austin, TX is home to some of the most luxurious and beautiful neighborhoods. When you think of the places to live in Austin, areas like Tarrytown, Seven Oaks and downtown Austin come to mind. These places are great to live but have a not so great price tag attached. Austin is expensive city to live in, but there are many cheaper options within Austin. Here are 3 of Austin’s hidden gem locations to live.

1. Lakeway


Lakeway is a newer part of Austin. Northwest Austin location is perfect for families looking to settle down and invest in their children’s education. Lakeway is home to some of the best schools in Austin as well as beautiful outdoor scenery such as lakes and hiking trails. Since Lakeway is pretty new, the houses are very reasonably priced. Lakeway is only 15 minuets from downtown Austin, so you will still have access to everything Austin has to offer. The average home price in Lakeway is $429,700 which is cheap when you take into account the beautiful scenery and spacious homes Lakeway is known for.

2. West Lake

West Lake

West Lake is popular for high school sports and lake front properties. It is another great location to look into if you’re looking to settle down with a family. This location is only 8 miles from downtown Austin, and has it’s own special attractions like restaurants and shopping centers. Homes in this area can be quite pricey, but there are cheaper options that range from about $400,000- $800,000. You are getting what you pay for in West Lake.

3. Hyde Park

hyde park

Hyde Park is only an 11 minute drive from downtown Austin. The neighborhood is filled with families and college students along with some of Austin’s most treasured cafes and historical attractions. Hyde Park is known as a historical district Northeast of downtown. The affordable real estate prices make Hyde Park an even more desirable location to live. The median home value in Hyde park is $460,800.

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