The Unreliability of Texas Public Transit

It is no secret that public transportation in Texas is awful. Anyone who currently lives in Texas knows that this is a huge issue. From the big cities to the small towns, it is almost impossible to get around without waiting ridiculous amounts of time for the next bus or train.

Quantity vs Quality

The issue is not for lack of public transportation in Texas, but the lack of quality of this transportation. Each of the major cities has a transit system. Dallas has the DART, Houston has the METRO, San Antonio has the VIA, and Austin has the CapMetro. However, none of the services are anywhere near efficient enough to properly serve the cities. Trying to get around anywhere takes too long. Now, these systems cover a lot of ground, but they don’t cover the right ground. The stations are not placed in popular areas, and they don’t run frequently enough to be used on a regular basis. What Texas needs more than anything is more useful public transit.

Texans Require Cars

Due to this lack of quality public transportation, Texans need cars in order to get around. Even when traveling short distances, cars are needed. It is difficult to walk places because the cities are so spread out. So, this means that if you plan on living in Texas, you need a reliable car.

Texas Auto Loans

Since having a car in Texas is essential, it is important to get the best deal on a car. Dealerships in Texas are aware that you can’t live without a car, and they will do whatever it takes in order to sell you one. So, make sure that you are careful when purchasing a car. To find out more about the process of getting a car loan, check out our article about the auto loan process!

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