Best Wedding Venues in Austin, TX

They say you can’t buy love, but you do have to buy a wedding. Depending on how many guests attend, food and, most importantly, the venue, weddings soon become a financial burden. Wedding venues are often the most expensive part of a wedding. Austin, TX has some of the most beautiful locations to get married, but also some of the most expensive. Austin is home to hundreds of wedding venues, ranging from affordable to expensive. There are a few popular venues for low, medium, and high budgets. Let’s check out some of these options, as well as financing options for the venue!

Low Budget

The most popular low budget wedding venues in Austin, TX are the Oasis Ballroom, Lost Creek Country Club, and Milltown Historic District. For 50 guests, these venues range from $2000 to no higher than $7000. The best way to finance a low cost venue like this is to save your money and pay in cash.

Medium Budget

For a moderate budget wedding venue, the best places in Austin are The Mansion, Cypress Falls Event Center, and The Hills of Lakeway. For 50 guests, these venues prices are anywhere from $3500 to $12,000.


High Budget

Lastly, for high budget wedding venues in Austin the Villa Antonia, Garden Grove, and The Addison Grove are all incredible options. These prices range from $8000 to $25,000 for 50 guests.

If you do not have the time to save, ask the venue if they have a payment plan options. If all else fails, you could apply for a personal loan. Any of these options are perfect for financing the perfect wedding!

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