The score you can trust.


We created Elite Score™ to make shopping for financial services as painless as possible. The higher the Elite Score™, the better quality of service you’ll get. Financial services earn higher scores if their provider offers:

Openly Shared Rates

Mobile Loan Applications

E-Sign Loan Documents

Mobile Banking

Mobile Loan Pay

Services also earn higher scores based on lower interest rates.

Our Elite Score™ algorithm guarantees that your results are ranked not only by our 5 key Elite factors, but also by their available APR relative to market standards. This means that each search you make returns customized results for your area, credit range, and loan type.


A personal loan offered by a provider with mobile banking, mobile pay, and open rates would earn a higher score than a personal loan with the same APR offered by a provider that only offers mobile pay.

Know your service at a glance.

In addition to ranking results by Elite Score™, the score is also displayed on each service. To see the factors that determined that score, click the More Information tab on the service to learn more. TheElite Score™ ranges from 1-10, and is color coded for your convenience.

Advertisers Disclosure:

Some of the providers on Rateology are partners. These partners compensate us when we provide them a referral. This may influence which products we write about, and where such products appear on the site, but it does not impact Elite Score™ which is automatically calculated for every service on Rateology regardless of partnership. That is why Elite Score™ is the score you can trust.